17th Intl. Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals

Scientific programme

Presentations from expert scientists from all over the world will cover fields of animal husbandry, physiology, genetics, nutrition, reproduction, welfare, and herd health management, as well the interaction between these disciplines.

New in 2019, we offer a session for youngs scientists and PhD students on scientific paper and grant writing!

Final programme


Overall ICPD 2019 topics:

  • Impact of genetics, epigenetics, and modern reproduction systems on animal health and welfare
  • Metabolism, microbiome, and immune system
  • Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance: Impact on farm animals and consumers
  • Alternatives to antimicrobials for prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Impact of infectious diseases on performance and reproduction
  • Data from precision livestock farming for prevention, surveillance, and detection of diseases
  • Animal welfare and sustainability requirements in farming management and efficiency
  • Loss of mineral homeostasis and associated diseases
  • Locomotion disorders: Impact on performance and welfare
  • Climate change and microclimate: Impact on livestock productivity and health